• Hydrogen therapy spa ​trending in Japan that reaps tons of benefits for both Dogs & Cats
  • Targets skin problems
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress on skin & fur
  • Neutralize Free Radicals at the same time aids in cellular repair
  • Enhanced with vitamins
  • Recommended for SENIOR & ELDERLY dogs/cats (Beauty & Health)


Deep Cleanse Sparkling Grooming Tab 

  • Cleansing off all sticky sweat, sebum & mineral waste

  • Rid of pet odour & stale fats sticking to mineral waste that gets trapped in your pet’s fur coat and between the paw pads.

  • Improves health and immunity as it helps to expand blood vessels to promote increased blood flow. Your pet’s metabolism subsequently increases, resulting in improved immunity.


  • Makes the fur coat resilient while adding volume and a silky touch to it. Negative ions make the tissue surface shiny.

  • Ensure your pet’s skin maintains an alkaline pH level.






















Have you tried our Ayurveda Herb Pack Spa? 🌿

• loaded with a whole ton of benefits for skin and coat

• 100% safe for licking & consumption

• protects your pet from insects for 2 weeks

• keeps fur healthier and softer, cleaner

• aids in recovery of flaky, dandruff and oily skin


For best effects, we recommend having the Grooming Tab & the Herb Pack together to maximise the full effect of the Herb Pack.

  • Ayurveda Herb Pack + Sparkling Grooming Tab = Special Package price (only applicable w Basic or Full grooming) 

  • *Highly recommended to go with trimming and styling*



*Additional Basic / Full Grooming Pricing will apply on top of spa charges* 
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